Thursday, June 14, 2012

Halfway Point

I consider myself a results oriented individual; I like to set a goal, perform a task, and succeed.  Failure or defeat is never an option when you give it all you've got.  This applies to my daily work duties as well as my personal life style. The beginning of January I shared with you my goals for the new year.  Now that we're about halfway through 2012, I think it's time to recap, and regroup if necessary.

(1) Take time to smell the roses.  I think I've done pretty well with this goal.  I've tried my best to stop wishing the days away and to enjoy each one as if it were my last.  I smile and laugh at any given chance, and have learned to pick and choose my battles with my better half.  Life is good.

(2) Decipher better between wants and needs.  This goal has definitely been the hardest, but I do have some traction.  As a matter of fact, I have decided not to buy a single piece of clothing or accessory for the month of June.  So far, so good.  I've learned to really stop and ask myself if I need an item or if it's just simply a want.  My checking account thanks me.  

(3) Take advantage of some of Dave Ramsey's teaching tools for saving/investing.  Unfortunately, I have not found the time (or energy) to check out any of Dave Ramsey's free teaching tools.  I really need to kick myself into gear and get a jump start.  I know I will thank myself in the future for learning more about personal finance.

(4) Find my own philanthropy.  I am currently on a committee at work to find projects to help other organizations through United Way's 'Day of Caring'.  I'm hoping that the contacts I make during this experience will lead me to a cause that really hits close to home.  I wanted to be able to fully dedicate my time, effort, and support to an organization that I truly care about.

(5) De-clutter my house.  Operation De-Clutter has started in the Fender household.  I've been on a rampage the past few weeks cleaning out our files, my closet, craft supplies, and the pantry.  I also created the wedding shadowbox I wanted to complete this year.  Look out world...I'm after you next :).

(6) Worship more.  Although Bradley and I have yet to find a "home" church, I still feel a strong connection with God.  I pray, read a daily devotional, and thank Him everyday for the wonderful life he has provided me.  All that is missing is a church family!

(7) Read more books.  Fail.  I have not picked up the first book since January.  I have wanted to read the Fifty Shades series, Hunger Games series, and re-read my Emily Giffin books.  Maybe the 2nd half of the year will motivate me more?  I really do enjoy's just finding the time!

(8) Complete another half-marathon.  Complete success.  I finished my second half marathon last month in Myrtle Beach.  I'm a Diva Half Marathoner now.  It's time to start planning another!

(9) Become more healthy & creative in the kitchen.  This has probably been the easiest to accomplish.  Once I found the Eat Clean diet, it's been a breeze.  The book provides a shopping list and recipes to help you stay on the right track.

(10) Finish making our house into a home.  It's still a work in progress, and coming along slowly but surely.  Remember the giveaway I won?  I can't wait to start working with Anna @ My Design Ethos on my living room.  I feel like this will make a huge difference and motivate me to do more!

At this point, I still consider all of my goals "doable", even those I have yet to make any progress.  I've still got about 183 days left to give it all I've got! are you doing with your 2012 goals?  


{Jessica} said...

Okay, so #2, #5, #9 and #10 are all goals that I am working on as well. I LOVE that shadowbox that you did. I think it would be the perfect way to display a few weddings things that won't fit into normal picture frames. Thanks for the tip! And the home thing, well, I think that will always be a work in progress. I find that as soon as I get something just the way I thought I wanted it, I change my mind and want to go in a different direction. And, for me, the 'wanting v needing' thing will always be a constant battle. I will make that decision with you and not purchase anything for the rest of the month. We can do it!

Morgan said...

I love this! You should be proud of all you've done. Great goals and good progress! :)

Britt said...

These are 10 big goals! You should be proud of what you have accomplished so far. Congrats on the clean eating. This is on my list and it is not an easy task.

Leslie said...

What great goals!! I have MANY of the same ones :)
Definitely read the 50 Shades trilogy and Hunger Games!! You will LOVE them!

Have a great weekend! xo

Hailey said...

I need to make a list of goals!! Yours are great!!

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