Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm a Diva

I'm happy to report that I am a Diva Half Marathoner!

Here's my breakdown of my stats:

Diva Half Marathon Official Results
Distance: 13.1 miles
Chip Time: 2:19:43
Overall Place: 1182/3063
Gender Place: 1163/3043
Division Place: 80/183
6 mile: 1:01:32
Pace: 10:41

Nike + GPS App Stats
Distance: 13.2 miles
Time: 2:14:58
Pace: 10:11
Calories Burned: 1078

Average Pace Breakdown
Mile 1: 9:41
Mile 2: 10:03
Mile 3: 9:58
Mile 4: 9:21
Mile 5: 9:47
Mile 6: 9:45
Mile 7: 10:05
Mile 8: 9:29
Mile 9: 10:07
Mile 10: 9:48
Mile 11: 9:41
Mile 12: 13:05
Mile 13: 16:21

I started off the race feeling great.  It was a mild 70 degrees with a nice breeze and a little sunshine!  The first mile flew by.  I didn't even realize we had gone that far until I heard it on my Nike + GPS app.  Mile 2 was when I started to feel my knee again, and I couldn't believe it started so soon. In an attempt to get rid of the discomfort, I decided to stop and stretch my IT band.  Thankfully, it worked!  The only downfall was I had to stop at every mile and do the same stretch for a few seconds.  If you notice above, there is a five minute difference in my chip and GPS time. This is because, when I stopped to stretch at every mile I stopped the GPS.  I wanted to get an accurate read of the actual time I spent running.  According to my GPS read time, I successful shaved off 6 minutes from my first half marathon 6 months ago!

I'll be back tomorrow for a full weekend recap from our girls weekend in Myrtle Beach.
Happy Monday!


Meg {henninglove} said...

congrats on your second half marathon and shaving off 6 minutes! good for you! plus that feather boa is a great added touch

Franks Fam said...

Congrats! That is awesome! I have never ran a marathon, but I used to run cross country in school. It was such a great stress reliever. I really need to start running again, but it is just so hard to find the time. Congrats again! :)

Samantha said...

Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment!!!

Morgan said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You're awesome!!!

Faith said...

that is so great! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, what an awesome accomplishment!

Maury Kilgo said...

That officially put you into one of those pedestals for me that I know I'll never get. I'm in awe of people that can run more than 1 mile at a time (i know, I'm pathetic). Amazing!

Emily said...

congrats on your second half and for improving your time by 6 minutes! awesome!

Amanda said...

That's awesome! What an amazing accomplishment :) congratulations, Amanda!

Christina said...


Hailey said...

Yay congrats!! My aunt finished right at 2:14 as well :)!!!

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

Congratulations!! What a huge accomplishment!!

Sarah said...

Great job!!!

I just started training for my first 5k, eeeek! This is great inspiration though!

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