Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 ...a girl could get use to all this lovin' :)

I'm normally not a listener of country music, but I REALLY, REALLY like Jason Aldean's Dirt Road Anthem.  I love how the chorus is slow and steady, then he speeds it up for the verses!  It was in my running mix for a my morning jog after Barre class, and it was a great pick me up!

My J-O-B gives me free treats!  You read right.  We had an EXPO in the atrium yesterday, and they had a vendor set up for Italian ice and cotton candy.  All for F.R.E.E.  I chose the strawberry flavor Italian ice and it was delicious!

Remember our friends Kevin and Caroline??! They are getting married in November, and got approval to purchase their first home yesterday!  Caroline called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that their bid was accepted and they will close sometime in August.  This is SUPER exciting, because we are all HUGE Gamecock fans, and their sweet, new townhouse is in Columbia!  Look out football season :)

Kevin & Caroline's 1st Home!
I've been a little over obsessive with Pinterest lately searching for easy, non-expensive DIY projects for our home.  These are a few that I am lovin' and want to try out this summer:



Tomorrow is my FRIDAY!  I am headed to Savannah Thursday night for Serena's Bachelorette Party extravaganza!  I couldn't be more excited to have a three day weekend spent partying it up for this girl's wedding in August.  Nicole and I will be carpooling down to Savannah together, and then making the trip back Sunday morning.  Look out for an interesting weekend update on Monday!  I will give you a little hint as to some of the activities that are planned [all photos via Pinterest]:


Have a lovely Wednesday :)!

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Christina said...

1. my friend just sent me that song this morning.
2. i love that we both blogged about italian ice. i got strawberry and cherry.
3. ok, i have pinterest but i haven't used it yet...need to get on that.
4. have fun in savannah!!

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