Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

My brain is a little blank today, but I do have an excuse.  All I can think about is SAVANNAH...and how it is only a mere 3 hours before I bust out of this joint called work and head south!  I spent a few hours last night packing and making some delicious treats for all the girls in preparation for this fun-filled Bachelorette weekend.

Jealous much? You should be!  I will think about all of you as I spend my Friday roaming the streets of Savannah while everyone else is at work.  I'm really NOT trying to rub it in :).

In light of the weekend ahead, I thought I would share some pictures from my Bachelorette weekend back in February.  My college roommate threw my Bachelorette party in Charlotte, NC!  Eight of my closest family/friends came to stay at the Aloft Hotel in the EpiCentre to celebrate this special event and PARTY!  Keeping it PG Rated:

{Opening gifts :)}

{Loved all my fun, new outfits}

{My sister (Ashley), cousin (Cori Ann), ME, and College Roomie (Carly)}

{Keri, me, and Morgan (ZTA sisters and friends)}

{Group photo- Night 1}

{My sister and I- Night 2}

{Group photo- Night 2}

{Having too much fun :)}


In other news, my cousin Mason turns one year old today.  He is the first great grandchild on the Shealy side of the family.  How precious is he?!

Shealy grandchildren, Mee Mee, & Mason
Mason- Christmas 2010
 Happy Birthday Mason!

I am going to try and be productive at work this afternoon...TRY being the keyword here!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Perpetual Blind Date said...

Savannah sounds great right now! I'm at work and just reading about your vacation makes me jealous! I want to read about it when you get back!

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