Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Recap :)

5 Best Things About My Weekend:

1.  YAH for friends in town for a night!

Kevin and Caroline came down to watch the Carolina baseball game with us on Friday.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the big game, and had some amazing fried mushrooms & pickles!  Although the power went out at BWW in the 10th inning, we made it back to our house in time to see the end!

Kevin & Caroline cheering on our Gamecocks!

Hubby and I enjoying our friends and a great game!
2.  A BIG "W" for the Gamecocks!

Our boys did it!  They pulled it out in the 13th inning for a 3-2 nerve racking win over No. 1 Virginia.  We are back in the College World Series finals, and ready to take on the Florida Gators tomorrow!

3.  Shopping on Saturday with Caroline at the Tanger Outlets!

Who doesn't love a shopping outing?!  We had fun perusing a few stores at the outlets, and then lunch at McAlister's before Kevin and Caroline had to leave to go back home.

{Funny story: I purchased an ADORABLE pair of metallic wedges from the Banana Republic outlet.  Sadly, when I went to pulled them out after I got home, I was surprised to find I had 2 right shoes.  Bradley says that God was playing a joke on me, because I didn't need anymore shoes :).}

4.  The Wedding CD from our photographer arrived in the mail on Saturday!

I am in LOVE all over again.  Our photographer, Abby, did such an amazing job capturing our wedding day. Bradley and I are soooo sooo sooo pleased with the way the photos turned out! I spent nearly 5 hours Saturday evening posting almost 600 pictures on Facebook for friends and family to see!

5. Lazy Sundays!

After church, I conned Bradley into taking me back to the outlets to hopefully exchange my 2 right shoes for one right and one left.  Sadly, the store could not find the proper match.  We searched the store high and low with no luck :(.  I was so disappointed, but left my name and number just in case someone showed up with 2 beautiful metallic wedges for the left foot.

I decided the only way to cheer up after this disappointing news was a nice, long nap.  I've spent all afternoon lounging around, and plan to continue until bedtime!

How was your weekend?!

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