Friday, June 24, 2011

My Other Half...

As I mentioned yesterday, I am a newlywed, and I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to my other half.  My husband, Bradley, and I tied the knot on March 19, 2011!

Bradley and I are from the same hometown and grew up knowing of each other.  Our age difference never allowed us to actually meet each other until college.  I was a Freshman, and he was a 5th year Senior!  Check out the story of how we met here.

He is an avid sports fan who loves any South Carolina Gamecock team, and all Philadelphia teams as well.  Wait...let me re-phrase that: He is OBSESSED with any and all things sports related, especially baseball.  When we moved in together, I added him to my DirecTV account so he could call and make payments or changes.  BIG MISTAKE!  The very next week, he calls me randomly during the middle of my work day to inform me that our bill will be a "little" higher next month.  His "love" of the game took advantage of my DirecTV account and decided to order a $200 MLB Extra Innings package so he could watch EVERY Philadelphia Phillies baseball game for the next 6 months.  And let me tell you, he is getting his money's worth.  I can't tell you of one game that he has missed unless he was at work.

But, I will have to admit, his love of the game has led him to pursue excellent volunteer opportunities.  He currently is an assistant coach for 2 baseball teams in Moncks Corner.  He lends a hand at Berkeley High School on the Stags' JV Baseball team, as well the Maverick's summer league.  Check out last season's picture of the Maverick's team:

Bradley is the farthest on the left kneeling.
His mom and dad both agree that he has had this obsession since he could hold a baseball!  I really do admire his dedication and persistence to play through college and then share his knowledge with a younger generation; especially after this:

After reconstructive surgery to repair his shattered nose from the hit of a baseball!
I complain all the time about his obsession, but I am glad that he is passionate about something and actually takes the time to teach others.  He has a real gift.

All in all, I am proud to say he is my hubby and I wouldn't trade him for the world :).  I will leave you with a picture from back in his glory days of high school as a pitcher before he tore his rotator cuff.

Have a great weekend...and GO GAMECOCKS!

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