Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 It's Wednesday...why the heck not?!

I'm LOVING.....

1.  ...Maroon 5's new song Moves Like Jagger.  I am already a huge fan of their music, and when my new Barre instructor played this tune I.FELL.IN.LOVE!  It's so upbeat and the lyrics are catchy!  Definitely gets me moving at 7 AM.

2.  ...that I purchased brown matte outdoor spray paint and sand paper last night!  The 1960's table and chairs remodeling project will commence this weekend....more photos to follow once it is complete [please excuse my Blackberry photography skills]:

Sand paper, spray paint, and the gray burlap-like fabric

3.  ...Pandora this week!  It is really helping me get through the busy days I have had.   My favorite "stations" are Maroon 5 (go figure), Adele, One Republic, and John Mayer...can you see the trend?! :)

4.  ...Netflix! When the hubby and I moved in together, instead of getting HBO, Showtime, etc. we decided to opt for Netflix.  The coolest part is, it streams through our Blueray player.  We love to have date night in and watch some of our favorite movies without having to pay a dime.  I especially love it because I can watch movies/episodes on my lunch break at work while I sit in my cube, and when I get home I can pick up on the TV where I left off at work!  I have added all of my favorite shows to the queue and started re-watching them from the beginning. I have already gotten through all of Army Wives, and a third through Grey's Anatomy. Next is Private Practice!

 5.  ...that my boss offered to buy me and my co-workers a snack from the cafeteria, and I reluctantly chose a G2 over a chocolaty snack...WILL POWER people, WILL POWER!

My empty orange G2!

6.  ...that I booked our hotel room yesterday in Michigan for the wedding of our cruise friends, Mark and Serena.  You see, we met on the Carnival Legend last March and became instant friends.  We traveled up to Tennessee to visit them for New Year's 2011, and they came to our wedding back in March.  Next month we will make a road trip with a couple [Nicole and Jon] that we met through Mark and Serena to Michigan for their wedding.  YAH for new friends!

Me, Bradley, Serena, and Mark onboard Carnival Legend- March 2010
Jon, Nicole, me, and Bradley in TN for New Year's 2011!

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