Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our House: The Master Bedroom

When we decided to rent our townhouse, one of my most favorite rooms was the master bedroom.  I love that it is open and has plenty of space, and I especially LOVE that it has his and her closets [Bradley would have been using the guest bedroom closet otherwise]!  The owners chose a beautiful green to paint the walls when they lived there, and were nice enough to ask if we wanted to keep it the same with a few touch ups or have it painted another color.  I quickly agreed to have just the touch ups, as the color is warm and inviting for a bedroom and easy to match different colors.

So, without further adieu, I present the master bedroom:

BEFORE a few minor changes and additions:

When we first moved in the townhouse in January

Notice the white arm bands on the headboard.  For weeks Bradley and I played a childish game of me taking them off and putting them in his closet, and him putting them back after I left for work.  I finally had to hide them from Bradley to keep him from putting them up there. He still doesn't know where they are :).
BEFORE- please excuse the awful mess!

AFTER a lot of changes and a little hard work:

I moved the bed against the windows, dresser on the opposite wall, and the armoire in the corner near the bathroom.  The armoire previously housed the TVand DirecTV box, but the port on the wall is between the two closets.  To solve this dilemma, I took the mirror off the back of the dresser and put the TV and box on top.  The armoire now holds more of my junk :).  I also purchased curtains, pillows, a nightstand [that I got on sale for $30 at Kirkland's], and a lamp.

Both sets of brown and sheer white curtains and rod are from Target

Blue pillows and circle dots multi-color pillow are from Target.  The brown pillows are from Marshall's. 

Bedspread and shams are from JCPenney

My standing jewelry armoire that I talked about the other day :)

Armoire is actually from Wal Mart via 2006.  It use to have legs to stand on, but they broke in one of my 6 moves since the purchase!  ...and the awful blank wall....

Doorway to master bath.  Frame and silver candle base are from Ross.

TV was a birthday present from my honey a few years ago.  Frame and decorative vases are from Marshall's.

Another view with the lamp off.

A little dark, but shows the pretty fan!

Bed frame, headboard, and dresser are mine from high school.

Black and white canvas of one of our engagement pictures.  My favorite wedding gift!

Nightstand from Kirkland's, lamp from Target, photo frame was a wedding gift, and candles are from another decorative piece circa 2007. 

So, as you can see I have done a good bit work to our master bedroom. There are still some changes that I would like to make, but I am satisfied with it for the most part. Here are my concerns/questions:

1. Are the white sheer curtains and lamp too much? I just purchased them yesterday, so I can take them back. Do I need to add a white throw blanket at the bottom of the bed to tie it all together? Or maybe a couple white sham pillows?

2. What can I put on the awful blank wall beside the bed between the nightstand and armoire? I was thinking thick brown shelves to house a few picture frames, vases, and just little trinkets.

How about something like this?
3. What do I need to add to the top of the armoire without going overboard but taking up some space? More candle sticks and holders in different shapes, sizes, and colors? Just the picture frame and candle stand aren't getting it for me. I know I need to add a candle, but what color? White??

I am trying to take one room at a time, so the bedroom will be my project for a little while. Any ideas, suggestions, comments, and honest truths are welcome :) I am not a decorator or millionaire by any means, so I appreciate any advice and a good bargain!

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