Friday, July 8, 2011

Gloomy Friday

It's a dreary day here in Charleston. I have been hoping all morning that my boss will just call work off due to gloomy, rainy weather and force us to go home and get back in our beds!  Wishful thinking, huh?!  Instead...I will just try and make the best of it, all the while hoping for a short and sweet Friday!

There is exciting news in my world of work today.  We are making some minor cube adjustments in our department.  I share a cube with the department fax machine, a few boxes of old POs, the community stapler and hole punch, along with a few maps and drawings.  Our director has decided that he would like my cube to be solely used for maps and drawings, along with the department's fax machine and other fun gadgets! is the day that I am SUPPOSE to move into this cube:

You are probably thinking, "Yea right!". is the day that the move is SCHEDULED to happen.  You see, the lady who "lives" in this cube has been at our company for over 14 years, and has probably spent close to eight in this tiny spot!  YIKES is right!  She got the word about a month ago that she was getting her own office a few feet away.  The photo above was taken yesterday morning, and the photo below was taken this morning after a minor portion of the BIG move took place last night!

What are your bets that I actually make the move into this cube today?  My guess is that I will be taking the leap on Monday, because I surely don't want to stay past 5:00 on a Friday!  

Meanwhile, I have been scouring our department for fun decorations and office gadgets to take with me to fill up the ginormous space I will have.  So far, this is what I have come up with:

  • a few 3 ring binders to organize the gobs and gobs of paperwork I have to keep
  • a cute little orange vase filled with artificial flowers from the kitchen (I am going to bring in more flowers to cheer it up a little)
  • a filing desk drawer WITH a key (essential) to put under the desk.
  • 2 file folder holders

I also purchased a fun yellow clipboard with an attached folder and notepad from Target the other day on CLEARANCE! Yes, please!

Stay tuned for updates on Monday about the move, and our fun-filled weekend ahead :)

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