Sunday, December 11, 2011


I normally don't stand on a soap box, but this deserves some light.  You see, I know this awesome photographer.  She captured mine and my husband's wedding day and we look forward to having her continue to do so as we continue our journey through life.  Recently, she posted a picture that offended one individual.  ONE.  It was a tasteful picture from a boudoir session she shot of a married woman with kids.  She had the woman's permission to use a few of the photographs on Facebook to promote these sessions.  This one individual reported her business and personal pages to Facebook for nudity/pornography and had her disabled.  Who does this?  Abby Funderburk is an amazing photographer and God has given her a talent that although many people try to imitate, cannot succeed.  This one individual, who instead of "defriending" her or "unliking" her page, decided to report her for a tasteful boudoir picture.  There are individuals who post pictures in their bikinis that have on less clothing than the pictures she posted.

Most of Abby's clientele base and marketing is through Facebook and she is so afraid that this event will cause her to lose business.  She has worked so hard for the past three years to create her successful business,  yet one person reports her to Facebook and her whole image is shattered.  I support Abby Funderburk Photographer and her qwest as she seeks to regain access to Facebook and connect with her clients as usual.        

Click here for her personal take on the event and to see some of the amazing pictures she has photographed.

**UPDATE** Both of her Facebook pages were enabled Monday morning. What a blessing!

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Morgan said...

Terrible! Some people are wound too tight. Hope your friend is able to keep her business bustling!

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