Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

{via Pinterest}
....And I can now say that because it is December!  Where does time go?  It seems like just yesterday it was the first of the year.  I think the older I get, the faster time flies!  This week I have been working on getting my Christmas decorations up in the house.  Boy, what a time I have had!  Bradley helped me set up the pre-lit tree on Sunday and I successfully put about 175 ornaments on the tree.  Look at her in all her beauty:

I was tired Sunday night, so I stopped there.  On Monday evening when I got home, I plugged in the tree and about an hour later Bradley asked me what was wrong with it.  I looked over and only the bottom section was lit.  YIKES!  I fiddled with it for about a half hour and even got Bradley over to try and see what was wrong.  No success, so I let it be for the night.  Tuesday when I got home, I tried to see if it would work again and still no lights.  On Wednesday, I was telling one of my co-workers the story and he suggested I change the fuses within the adapter.  Ta-da!  It works like a charm now.  So glad I didn't have to take ALL the ornaments off and return the tree.  I would not have been a happy camper :).
{the naked tree}

{all dressed up!}

I have added a few other touches to our dining room, living room, and kitchen but am not fully finish.  I will be sure to post pictures as I complete the holiday decorating process.  I also plan to make a Christmas wreath this weekend for my front door.  More on that next week!

Do you love Christmas as much as I do?

What are your favorite decorations to put up?


Sarah said...

What a beautiful tree!! I can't wait to decorate ours next week :)

Kat said...

Pinterest wreath?

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