Friday, October 28, 2011

In One Week...YIKES!

In one week, my bags will be packed and I will be heading to Savannah, Ga....
That's right.  It has finally has arrived.  All of the time, effort, and miles of running I put in the past 6 months or so now have the chance to pay off as I complete {I hope} my first half marathon.

Just this morning I completed my longest training session- 9 miles.  Rachel and I started at 6:30 AM and trekked all over beautiful Daniel Island.  The best part of the run?  Getting to see all of the little kids dressed up for Halloween as they walked to school.  We saw Batman on his Batmobile bike, a football stud steering his bike with one hand while he cupped a football in the other, and a little princess twirling around in her tu-tu.  They were so precious!

I will need your prayers though.  After my run this morning, my second toenail became purple, almost like it was bruised.  I'm pretty sure it was from the run this morning, but I sure hope that it is nothing serious or will prevent me from completing the half next Saturday. 

So now I don't have anymore long runs, just a few 30 minute jogs next week to keep my legs limber for the big day.  I can't wait to check this one off the list :).

Happy Friday loves!  Go Gamecocks!

1 comment:

Kat said...

So Proud of you! I promise to do the NEXT one with you!!!

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