Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's no secret. Most women do. Photos tell a story of the past. When we are old and gray and can't remember our first names, who is going to tell the grandkids all the fun tales of our childhood?  Hard proof memories.

I've been slack ya'll.  Real slack.  Hubby and I tied the knot in March of this year, and I have not printed one single picture from that day.  Not one.  Aren't I just awful?!  I had an amazing photographer {abby funderburk} and she took some GORGEOUS pictures, and I haven't made the time to print any out.

That was until yesterday.  A few weeks ago, I loaded all of our images from the CD she made for us to Snapfish for friends and family to view and purchase.  I had some down time and decided it was time to bite the bullet and place an order.  After selecting what seems like a million, billion, trillion photos {because you can't just pick a few}, I searched online for a coupon. {insert Heavenly sounds from Above.}


I had chosen a few 5x7s and 8x10s, but the majority of my selection was 4x6s to put in a memory box I am making from our wedding day.  I was ecstatic!  I had not hit 100 yet, so I was able to go back and select even more pictures to print.  Then of course e-mailed my mom to tell her the great offer from Snapfish.

So, in honor of the awesome deal I found and to FINALLY printing some of our beautiful wedding images, here are a few of my favorites that Abby took before, during, and after the ceremony at the church.  {For our one year anniversary, I plan to do a one week recap of our whole day- from start to finish- from getting ready to leaving the reception.}
{getting all pretty for the big day}

{the dress}

{the shoes, flowers, and garter}

{my 'maids}

{his guys}

{my sister, me and our mom}

{MIL, hubby, Mom}

{walking down the aisle}

{my mama giving me away}

{Mr & Mrs}


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sarah said...

those pictures are gorgeous!!! You look beautiful

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