Friday, October 7, 2011

Factual Friday

{one} Hubby and I will be enjoying a weekend in Columbia starting this afternoon.  Dinner with friends tonight.  Tailgating before the game in the morning.  Watching the game at a local bar/restaurant. And a Bachelorette party for me Saturday night.

{two} I only cooked once for my hubby this week.  Shame on me.  He got home last night from a baseball game and asked where dinner was.  Ooopps!  To my defense, we did bring leftovers home last weekend from both of our moms, so we ate off of those all week.  A girl needs a break every once in awhile, ya know?!

{three} I am excited about my running progress this week.  I was feeling a little down last week and really, really nervous that I had not progressed enough for my run in 4 weeks.  This week, I clocked in about 18 miles in 4 days!  Bring on the Rock 'n' Roll Half!  On the other hand, I have had to ice my shins and knees every day this week :(.

{four} I am very happy to be able to celebrate all of my friends bachelorette parties, marriages, and such these past few months, but I am dying for a weekend at home just with the hubby! It has been way too long.  I am ready to stay in my pj's lounging around the house all day watching movies and eating.

{five} I may or may not have killed my husband's iPod Touch...that isn't backed up on any computer.  I was trying to connect it to my computer to download his purchased songs.  I'm talking over 300 songs my friends!  It wouldn't sync and when I unplugged it from my computer, it froze with the Apple symbol.  Now when I plug it in it shows a battery with red on the left side, and stays that way for about 5 minutes before showing the Apple symbol again.  I have tried to reset it by holding down the menu and power key at the same time with no success.  Any Apple techs out there that have any suggestions?  I have looked at numerous blogs this morning to try and find a solution.  We purchased it from Best Buy, so I may have to break down and take it there for the Geek Squad to take a look at it.  I just don't want him to lose all of his music :(.

Well my friends, I'm off to complete this LOONNNGG day of work.  I pray that it goes by fast.  Look for a new design on my blog soon.  It's time to spruce up this place with some fall inspiration!   

happy friday.

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