Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Monday...

...normally I don't mind Mondays, but today has gotten off to a rough start.  You see, I didn't get my normal Sunday afternoon naps in and my body is not responding well to the lack of sleep.  Have no fear though - Barre class this morning, an energetic snack, and multi-vitamins have helped to turn this frown upside down!

How was your weekend?  Mine was a blast!  Carolina won kicked some Wildcat a**, I was able to tailgate with my hubby and his family, and I got in some girl time with another Bachelorette party! 

{hubby and I at our tailgate spot}
{this is how we tailgate...}

{new energy shot to help get the day teenagers need it!}

{really, is this how they do it in Kentucky? lol}

{Kev- the groom to be- and Bradley}

And to keep the sacredness of the Bachelorette Party,  I will only give you a taste of the AWESOME night we had:




{...and smelly feet!}
...I'll leave the rest to your imagination :).  Columbia and our group will never be the same again!

Look out tomorrow for a post on my latest outdoor fall decor.  I had too much fun when I got home yesterday, hence the lack of sleep I experienced!

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