Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Celebration and Sports Mishaps!

Happy Monday ya'll! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was too short, but I did get in some much needed family time :).

It was a disastrous weekend for my sports teams, including my fantasy football league.  On Saturday, the Gamecocks ended their 4 game winning streak to the defending national champions, the Auburn Tigers.  What a game.  Both teams played horrible, but in the end, Auburn held their 3 point lead.  What could be worse you may ask?!  The fact that Clemson beat the those Auburn Tigers just last month....and that they have a 5 game winning streak after this weekend!  UGH! 

To top it all off, on Sunday the Eagles lost to the 49ers {24-23} and the Phillies lost to the Cardinals {5-4} in the first round of the play-offs.  Then this morning, I wake up to find that my fantasy football team lost by 2 points!  JUST 2!  Let's hope for a better week of sports, especially since the hubby and I are attending the Carolina game this weekend :).

The highlight of my weekend was the celebration of my grandmother's 90th birthday.  Boy, what a joy it was to gather around with family and friends in honor of her life.  We celebrated with cake and ice cream, along with presents and cards.  The birthday girl was very happy!
{Nanny and 3 of her great grandchildren}

{Nanny and 3 of her grandchildren}

{Nanny and my mom...2 AMAZING women}

{Nanny with the out-laws :) }

{my favorite}

{Ash, Jut, and Nanny}

{Ash, Me, and Nanny}

{ l to r, b to f: Aunt Brenda, Uncle Ronnie, my mom, Aunt Sandra, and Nanny}
Here's to 90 more!

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