Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"What in the World is up with this Weather?" Wednesday

Hurricanes, earthquakes, rain, and wind... OH MY!  That's the talk around Charleston these days.

Yesterday, an earthquake rumbled in Mineral, VA and was felt up and down the east coast.  I personally didn't feel the effects because I am on the first floor of our building at work, but those on the 3rd and 4th floor did!  I even heard that many buildings downtown were evacuated for safety precaution.  CRAZY.

And we have all heard about ole' Irene.  She has been on the news for days now, gaining her strength and might.  On Monday, she was heading directly towards Charleston, but thankfully the maps have now changed.  Her path is now directed slightly to the north of us.  Which is good, but we will still receive A LOT of rain and wind.

I wish ole' Irene would just go back out to sea and mind her own business.  No one needs your wind and rain causing damage to our beautiful east coast. OK, maybe we need the rain, but that's all.  No torrential down pours or winds that could rattle our homes.  Just play nice, OK?!

My prayer for this week is that this storm will cease and not cause any major harm to anyone or anything. 


Carly said...

I really, really hope Irene stays away! I can handle some storms, but I really don't want to evacuate.

Christina said...

I think we'll be fine!

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