Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Love

Even though this week is dddddrrrrraaaaaaggggggggiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg by, there are many things that I am loving to help pass the time!

Pinterest...AKA...Addictive.  I have been surfing around this site for a few weeks now, and pinning everything in site!  It is a great website to find amazing and creative ideas, and also a place to share your finds with others.
Riverdogs Game. We get to put our tickets from the other weekend to good use.  Remember when my department was hosting an all you can eat night in the box seats and it got rained out?  Well we get to use our tickets for general admission to a different game.  Bradley's nephew is playing in a baseball tournament in Charleston this week, and tonight they are recognizing all the teams before the game.  We are joining the rest of the family for the recognition ceremony and the game.  GO RIVERDOGS!

Potluck Lunch Tomorrow. Who doesn't LOVE potluck lunches at work?  Yesterday, I ordered a whopping 8 pounds of pulled pork from Home Team BBQ for our feast tomorrow.  Everyone is bringing a side dish to compliment the meat.  I decided on crock pot macaroni and cheese, and couldn't be more excited to chow down!

This weekend I am going home to visit my family and attend two different showers.  I am excited to spend some much needed quality time with my mom and sister!  On Saturday, I am going to my first off campus college roommate's wedding shower.  We were inseparable our Freshman and Sophomore years of college, and were both ZTAs.  On Sunday, I am attending my cousin's baby shower for her very first child.  We are the same age; only months separate our births.  I can't wait for her baby girl to arrive in September!

Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday.  Hold tight, because we are almost to Friday!

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