Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Training Tuesday

This morning I experienced my first work out POST this weekend's activities and horrible eating habits.  I s.u.f.f.e.r.e.d. my way through 45 minutes of Barre, and decided it was best that I didn't try to run for 30 minutes this morning or I may leave unwanted residue on the treadmill :).

Since I don't have many training updates for you, as I have been a slacker, I thought I would share with you my favorite running gear.  It's important that you have the right training gear so you don't harm yourself, and of course you have to look great while working out!

  • Shoes- A few months ago when I first started training for the half, my sweet husband took me to Try Sports so I could be fitted for the best running shoe.  I feel that shoes are the most essential running gear you will wear, and that cost should not be an issue.  At Try Sports, they place you on a treadmill and actually tape your run.  Then, they play it back in slow motion, measuring the angle that pressure is put on your knee to determine what type of shoe you need.  Luckily, my run was normal and I was in the average range of pressure on my knees.  The sales associate pulled out four different pairs of shoes, and the Mizuno Wave Rider 14 was the last pair I put on.  The others did not even hold a candle to the comfort of these.  They were light weight and fit like a glove.  After several months of wear and tear, I am still very happy with my purchase of Mizuno running shoes!

  • iPod Nano and Nike+iPod-  I could not run without my iPod. Just can't do it.  It keeps me distracted and occupied so I don't think about the run.  I love running to upbeat Pop, Rap and R&B music, including but not limited to: DJ Khaled, Katy Perry, T.I., Black Eyed Peas, Nelly, Britney Spears, Kevin Rudolf, Rihanna, and Kayne West.  The beats and eclectic sounds seem to pump me up and get me going for a nice, long run.  Don't get me wrong, I love all kinds of music, but this genre just does it best for working out.  I just recently started using the Nike+iPod sensor to track my runs outside, and it is addictive as well.  I set it by mileage, and it tells me when I hit each mile and also how much further I have in my run. It connects through my iPod, lowering the volume to keep me updated.  At the end of my run, if I perform a personal best, a famous athlete chimes in to congratulate me!  It's a pretty awesome invention :).

  • Athletic Wear- There isn't a specific brand of athletic wear that I prefer over the other, but most of my athletic wear purchases are from Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Marshall's/TJMaxx. The only requirements are comfort, ease of motion, and of course they have to be cute!  Whether I am taking a run or in Barre class, I need clothing that allows me to move, yet keeps me cool at the same time.  My favorite bottoms are the Nike Dry-FIT  Tempo track shorts.  They are very comfortable and I always feel like I have enough room to move around.  I don't have a favorite type of top, per se, but I don't like really really tight ones.  Most times I end up buying a size bigger so they won't fit as close to my body.

  • Socks- Ya'll may think I am crazy, but these things that go on your stinky feet do make a difference!  When I purchased my running shoes, my father-in-law made a recommendation for Zulu socks.  He told me they made a world of difference, and I didn't believe him until after I tried them.  I would always get blisters in the most random spots on my feet after a long run with just normal athletic socks.  Not with Zulu socks!  These things are light weight, dry fit, and are the most comfortable pair of socks you will ever wear to run.  Trust me.
I hope that my training post has inspired you to fit some sort of physical activity into your day, or at least look the part :).

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