Monday, July 18, 2011

Eating is Cheating [serena's bachelorette weekend]


My body hates me, my head still hurts, and I am sore all over with a few various bruises, but it was all worth the fun!  The weather wasn't perfect and neither was the service we received in a few places, but we made the best of it, and I can honestly say that this HAND'S DOWN the BEST girl's weekend EVER.

Here is the short version recap of the Serena's Bachelorette weekend (PG-13 Rated):


Thursday after work, Nicole [who was introduced to me through Serena] picked me up and we headed to Savannah.  The weather was a little rainy and dreary, and I was a little worried that it would damper the weekend.  I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG.  When we arrived, we met Serena, her maid of honor (Vicki), her mother-in-law (Becky), and her MIL's friend (Cindy) at the Olde Pink House.  They had just finished a wonderful dinner, so we headed downstairs in the same restaurant to their awesome, rustic bar.

{Nicole, ME, Serena, Vicki}
Then, just the four of us girls pictured above decided to hit Congress Street for a little bar action.  Big mistake...we didn't leave until 3 AM, then we had to go get the best bacon cheeseburger ever at Sweet Melissa's, paid for by some random guy.

AWESOME bacon cheeseburger
By the time we made it back to the hotel, Jacqui and Terra had arrived from Tampa.  After waking them up and chit chatting for a few, we all hit the sack...HARD! 


After an early continental breakfast at the hotel and a nap, we all finally crawled out of bed around 11 AM to get ready for Bar Golf.  Check out our cute golf attire:

{Jacqui, Terra, ME, Nicole, Vicki, and Serena}
We played NINE rounds of bar golf in nine different bars and restaurants on River Street, and met a few new friends along the way!  Jacqui was our winner with a score of -20, I believe!  Her motto for the weekend was "eating is cheating", hence this post's title.

{We love random old women}

{New friend from Augusta, GA}


{Cute lil' bear}
When we returned to the hotel, Suzanne had just arrived from Atlanta.  After a much needed LONG afternoon nap, we headed out again.  We stopped in for some sushi, then went dancing at Murphy's Law.

{Group shot: Nicole, Jacqui, Terra, ME, Suzanne, Serena, Vicki}

{insert your own caption here :)}

{Terra and Nicole "getting down" with the bride to be}

{Terra and her "plastic box" DJ...really?}

{Vicki giving her beer a good look :) }

Last day in Savannah = last chance to shine!  We literally did not open an eyelid until 11 AM, but we were raring and ready to party after a good long rest, so we thought.  We went to brunch at B. Matthew's, which was a recommendation from a local bartender.  The food was great, but our service didn't quite meet our low, hungover standards.  We walked back to the hotel and thought about going to the beach since the sun was finally out, but all agreed upon taking a nap.  Four hours later, we finally decided to start getting ready for our ghost tour and last night out on the town....MUSTACHE STYLE!

{The bride to be and her 'stache!}

{Our ride for the ghost tour}

{Our group with our mustaches}

{Serena and her Mustache Girls on stage at Savannah Smiles}
{Night Vicki}
Of course we had to hit up Sweet Melissa's again one more time before heading back to the hotel!  

I will have to say that the mustaches were a hit, and we received so many weird looks and comments!  It was nice to do something different than the normal crowns and sashes of a typical bachelorette party.

Prior to this weekend, I only knew 2 of the girls on this trip.  When all of us were together, it felt like we had known each other for years.  From pre-gaming in the room listening to music to walking home late night from the bars, there was not one bit of drama between 9 ladies, including a mother-in-law and her friend.  Now that is my kind of weekend!

If this weekend was any indication of how Mark & Serena's wedding will be in less than a month, I CAN'T WAIT!  Most of all, I can't wait to reunite with these awesome ladies!

Happy Monday everyone.

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