Monday, July 11, 2011

The BIG Move... you remember on Friday when I mentioned that I was supposed to move into this cube??

Yea, well when I came in this morning, I found this much to my surprise:

Although the left side of the cube is still consumed with some junk things that will be moved later this week, I will still able to bring my things in!

{Notice the orange vase and flowers?  Yes, I confiscated those from the break room!}

I love an uncluttered, organized space.  Nothing makes me more happy than a nice clean area, free of random debris, to work.  An office with a window view would be nice, but for now I will just be satisfied with a cube all to myself :)!

Now I'm off to lunch and back to organizing those gobs of paperwork that I refuse to allow to sit naked on my desk!

Happy Monday!

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