Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Big Day: Wedding Party

Our wedding party was one of the first decisions Bradley and I made together.  Without any hesitation, we knew who we wanted to stand by our side that day.  These particular friends and family have been there for us through thick and then, and helped create the intimate ceremony we dreamed of.


My girls and I
 Typical :)

My mom gave me away and my sister was my maid of honor.

Bradley and his guys

 Boys will be boys!

Bradley and his mom
The Ushers

After the ceremony was over, the wedding party and family stayed to take a few quick pictures before heading to the reception.  I'll spare you of all the traditional family shots, but I did want to share a few that Abby captured of just the two of us!

To say Bradley and I are blessed beyond belief is an understatement. Our circle of family and friends were there for us from the start of our engagement through our wedding day, and even still today. Words cannot even begin to express how thankful we are for the support, guidance, and continuous love we receive.


Valerie Griffin said...

AWESOME pictures :)

Faith said...

love all your pictures! so pretty!!

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