Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Confessions

Confessions are fun!  Linking up with A Blonde Ambition again this Friday :)

(1)  I am going to see The Vow tonight with a few girlfriends and I don't think I have been this excited about a premiere EVER.  I'm preparing for the tears, but I know that anything with Channing Tatum or Rachel McAdams in it is going to be good!

(2)  I went to my first ever beer tasting last night at my Barre instructor's home.  Her and her boyfriend hosted a fun, casual night for our work out class that consisted of five craft beers.  I must say, I have never really drank craft beer before, but I really enjoyed their choices.  Morgan was there, you can ask her too :)

(3)  I may or may not have eaten Five Guys for lunch yesterday.  Oooppss...there goes my eating health kick.  Sometimes you just need a good burger and fries though!

(4)  I am behind on my beloved TV shows.  I fell asleep on Revenge Wednesday night, and didn't get home last night in time to watch Grey's or Private Practice.  Sadly, I feel like a piece of my life is missing until I catch up on them.  Sad...but true!

(5)  I haven't been shopping all year, but I think that is going to change this weekend.  With a tax refund burning a hole in my pocket, I think it's time for a few new staple pieces for work and a new purse!

(6)  Although I think this video is hilarious, the dad went a little overboard.  I mean he paid for the computer.  Why not just take it away from her instead of destroying it?  Sad the lengths some parents take to punish their kids.  Don't get me wrong, the girl deserved to be punished, but he took it to the extreme and then some!

What are you confessing this week?  Link up!


Carly said...

Oh fun idea!
I really, really, really want to the The Vow too!

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

Have a good weekend! It's feeling like a burger and fries day to me today!!! :)

Sierra said...

My confession? I just put whipped cream on my breakfast and yesterday I wore my running clothes until 3PM.

Five Guys...yum. Everything is moderation. Happy Shopping!

Faith said...

i cannot wait to see the Vow too!

and i will def. be shopping with some of that tax money ... can't wait!

yeah, crazy dad. way to teach a lesson.

have a wonderful weekend.

Morgan said...

So fun last night! We'll need to do it again in the spring. And I'm totally dragging Guy to see The Vow asap. :)

lori said...

how was the vow?!?!? i am hoping i can talk the hubs into seeing it with me tomorrow :)

i havent been shopping much this year either... but sometimes you just gotta :)

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see the Vow!!

Courtney B said...

I want to see The Vow SO badly! And five guys sounds like the PERFECT way to break your healthy eating ;)

Danielle said...

Love me some Grey's. It seriously never gets old. This week is a good one, FYI. :)

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