Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Fun

Today at work we had our annual holiday party.  It is a time for the employees in our department to enjoy a potluck lunch for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Everyone brings a covered dish and we celebrate with food and a gift exchange.  The spread today was delicious.  Our director brought in a Honey Baked Ham. I brought brown rice.  There was green beans, black eyed peas, sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, broccoli salad, vegetable tray, hot wings, and a ton of delicious desserts.
I am literally about to pop as I am sitting here typing away.  I ate way too much, and the sugar high from the sweets isn't helping much either.  If my cube wasn't right across from my boss's office, I might would crawl under my desk for a little siesta!

Our little gift exchange was quite a treat as well.  We decided to have a White Elephant gift exchange that includes re-gifts, old items in your office/cube/house, or a gift under $5.  I may have laughed off all the calories I just put on!  There were some great ones this year.  I decided to play a little mind trick, on the men in particular.  I took an old Victoria's Secret box and wrapped my gift in it.  There was no wrapping paper on the outside, so all the guys were definitely intrigued.  Little did they know what was inside.
Low and behold, a guy picked the first number, and without hesitation he chose my box.  After opening the well taped box, he began to chuckle and everyone else became intrigued.  This is what he found:
Wrong? I don't think so.  
Funny? I thought it was HILARIOUS!

Somehow I ended up with my own gift, but I am OK with that.  They will just go back into the hall closet upstairs with the other rolls :).  At least it is something I can use!

Do you have holiday parties at work?  How about any White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift exchanges?

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