Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yah's for Wednesday

We are finally half way through this week!
Well...more than half way for me.  Tomorrow is my Friday :) YAH!

Yah for Moe's at lunch today!  If you have never had their Joey Jr. you are missing out...SERIOUSLY!

 Yah for homemade and healthy lasagna tonight, and inviting a friend over to join.  Check out this awesome recipe I found from Self Magazine!

Yah for Adele Radio on Pandora getting me through this hectic day at work!  Her voice is to die for...literally.   It is so versatile and unique.  I LOVE IT!

Yah for getting to see my sweet mom and sister this weekend!  It's been awhile...too long.  I didn't even get to see them on my birthday :(.

 This stud {Tom Brady} put up 35.98 points on my husband's fantasy football team for the week and helped me take the lead over my opponent.  He passed for over 500 yards, and I am now in 4th place in our league out of 14! YIPPEE!  Can't wait to see what he does on Sunday :).
Hope you all are having a fabulous hump day!


Christina said...

love adele! i want lasagna now. crap.

Carly said...

Love listening to Adele! Definitely helps the work day fly by!

Mo said...

Yay on your fantasy game! You make me proud :)

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