Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday Weekend Recap

Whew...what a weekend.  Happy Labor Day!  Isn't it funny how it's called "Labor Day", yet most of us have the day off work and use it as a day of rest from the holiday weekend?!

I HAD THE BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND YET!  It was filled with lots of surprises and fun.  On Thursday at work, I received a special delivery from my sweet friend Maureen.  When I got home, I had several cards and boxes in the mail from my mom, dad, sister, grandmothers, in-laws, and my cousin Cori Ann!!

Friday morning, I woke up to breakfast in bed made by my sweet husband before he headed to work for a half day.  I also received a box of chocolates and the perfect card.  He definitely knows the way to my heart :).
{turkey bacon and chocolate chip pancakes}
After breakfast, I laid in bed and relaxed until Bradley got home at noon with more surprises!  We got ready and headed to Mt. Pleasant where he treated me to lunch at Hatchell's American Tapas Tavern.  We shared a bowl of shrimp bisque, and then I chose the beef quesadillas and Bradley got the hotayki fried chicken sliders with fries!  YUM!

Then, my next surprise was to go shopping in Towne Center, specifically to find a dress for my next surprise that evening!  Sadly, we walked in and out of about 10 stores and I didn't purchase one thing :(.  Everything I found that I liked, wasn't in my size.  And everything that I tried on that did fit, I didn't like.  Go figure?!

Sooo...we headed back home to get ready for the next surprise he had planned!  It took me awhile to figure this one out.  We pulled into where you park for the Fort Sumter tours in Mt. Pleasant at Patriot's Point.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that my birthday present wasn't a history tour! wasn't.  This was my surprise!  He bought me a boat!  JK....JK.  He reserved a table for two aboard a dinner cruise!  This was so much fun.  We went on a cruise last spring, so this was a great mini reminder of the fun we had.  The 4 course meal was excellent, as well as the view!

After the cruise, I still had one surprise left.  We headed downtown and went into Social, where my favorite people surprised me by coming out to celebrate my birthday.
{maureen and her boyfriend, ed}

{mo and her boyfriend, ryan}

{mo and I}

{maureen and I with my bottle of water}

{diana and I}
I am so thankful and blessed to have an amazing family and group of friends.  My husband definitely "out did" himself, and I am lucky to have him.  It was a great 24th birthday and I wouldn't change anything about it!

Check in tomorrow for a full recap of our first get together for the season opener of Gamecock Football!  Enjoy what's left of your Labor Day.

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