Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

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So...yesterday was quite an odd day for me.  

It started off with me dropping the toothpaste off my toothbrush not once, but twice!  Once in the sink and once on my workout shorts.  Who does that?

Then, after my workout, as I am getting ready in our locker rooms at work, one of our automatic toilets flushes randomly.  No one else is in the room but me, and I am nearly 200 feet away from them!  YIKES!!

My husband calls at 6 to tell me he won't be home until late, then calls again to say he will be VERY late.  His crew snipped a gas line while they were finishing up yesterday, and had to stay until SCE&G came to secure the site.  He didn't get home until 11 PM.

As he was watching TV around 11:30 PM and I was dosing in and out of consciousness, we heard a loud noise outside our window like a car wreck of some sort.  Our townhouse is near the main entrance and we can hear cars on the road.  We both jumped up and ran outside, me with phone in hand.  At first glance, we didn't see anything.  After looking a little closer, we saw a dark green car on the other side of the road partially in the bushes.  I immediately dialed 911.  Bradley ran over to make sure the driver was OK.  A girl, no older than me, hopped out of the car and immediately Bradley smelled alcohol.  She changed her story several times, but what we could get out of her was that she dropped her friends off at their house in the back of the neighborhood and was headed out when a deer ran in front of her.  She slammed on brakes and jump the median {somehow missing 3 trees} went across the other side of the road, jumped another curb, and landed in the yard very, very close to the demo townhouse of our subdivision.  We tried our best to keep her calm and to keep her from going anywhere, because she really wanted to get the heck out of there!  She called a "police friend" that she had and told him to come right away.  Finally, TEN MINUTES after I had dialed 911, a police officer showed up and we were able to leave the scene.  Of course we couldn't sleep and went back outside later to find that her cop friend had arrived, as well as another friend who moved her vehicle into a parking spot.  Our guess is she didn't swerve or slam on brakes for a deer because there were no tire marks, and that she didn't get arrested because of her cop friend showed up.  She probably fell into a drunken slumber at the wheel.  Needless to say, her car was still in the parking spot this morning when I left.  What do you think?!

DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE my friends.  This young lady was very lucky that she wasn't hurt, or anyone else was involved in her craziness.

The random point I am trying to get to is that there will be good days and bad days.  Sometimes the sun will shine and others it will pour cats and dogs.  Take each day as it comes and learn to overcome the obstacles that you stumble across- they will make you a much stronger person.  :)

Happy Tuesday!

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