Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy "Work" Wednesday!

This girl is super happy!  

Wanna know why??!

{please excuse the semi-bad hair day...but don't you love the Gamecock pride in the back ground??!!}
  I received my first business cards at work yesterday!

I guess that means I am officially a working woman.  I mean, I have been for awhile, but I think having business cards just seals the deal.  When a company actually takes the initiative to spend the money to purchase a card for you to give to clients, it is like a vested interest.  And let me tell you...these little boogers were not cheap!

I have been with my company now for a little over 8 months as a financial analyst, and so far it's great.  The work atmosphere is casual and laid back, and my co-workers are super awesome!  I have a very flexible manager, and all of my superiors are easy to talk with.  I don't feel intimidated in a way that I am scared to make suggestions or brainstorm for new ideas to improve a process.  

Check it company was even deemed as one of the "Best Places to Work in South Carolina".

I am thankful and lovin' that I have a job that I enjoy and I don't dread coming to every day.  It makes a HUGE difference when you actually like what you do!

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Carly said...

Woo hoo! Business cards are the grown up way of giving out your number! Ha, it's fun!

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