Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Training Tuesday

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It's been about about two weeks since I posted a "Training Tuesday", 
so I thought I would give it another whirl.

My Running Track Record

I have only been running for a few years and only participated in a few races, but I am proud of the ones that I have!  My college bestie really encouraged me to start running when we moved in together our Junior year.  She was big into it, and really got me hooked!  It was nice to have another runner to push me and help me meet my goals.  Shortly after, my friend Kat and I began challenging each other {long distance I might add} to run farther and faster, and to eventually start participating in races!  Below are the races that I have participated in chronological order, with my time if I have them :).

Race for the CureSeptember 25, 2008- Greenville, SC- 1 Mile Run
This was my first official "race".  I participated in Race for the Cure with my sorority, and ran 1 mile to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

Greenville News Run DowntownJanuary 24, 2009- Greenville, SC- 5K
Chip Time: 29:19

My first 5K, and boy was it a tough one! This race was full of hills with inclines and declines. I didn't prepare myself well by checking out the route beforehand, but I was pretty pleased with my results.

Cooper River Bridge Run- April 9, 2009- Charleston, SC- 10K
Chip Time: 0:58:56

This was my first "big" race.  Kat and I ran together, along with her husband Drew.  All three of us started the race together, but somehow I strayed away.  After the HUGE climb of the bridge, I got a side cramp and had to slow it down to a light jog/walk.  Next thing I know, Kat and Drew were tapping me on the shoulder and I picked the pace back up.  We finished the race seconds apart.  It was such a thrill to finish my first 10K with my running buddy at my side!  My only goal for this race was to complete it under an hour, and I came in just in the nick of time!

Gobbler's Gallop- November 13, 2010- Lincolnton, GA- 5K
Time: 29:20

The Gobbler's Gallop was a fundraiser near my hometown.  This was my sister's first run! I was so proud of her for completing the race and a time of 35:50 isn't bad for a first timer.  It was a tad chilly, but my mom stuck it out and waiting for us at the finish line!  There weren't that many people in the run, but I did win my age division.

Cooper River Bridge Run- April 2, 2011- Charleston, SC- 10K
Time Chip: 1:04:36

My first race as a Fender!  I wasn't very prepared for this race, as it was only a few weeks after our wedding, and the honeymoon was a little too relaxing to run.  I am pictured above with my new father-in-law and sister-in-law.  Kat and Drew also ran the race, but were a little late arrive to the show :).

I just noticed that I wore the same pink pull-over in 3 different races, and had some sort of pink on in all of them.  It isn't my favorite color, but I guess it's my lucky race one!

What races have you completed?  How were your times?!

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