Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday Water Extravaganza!

If you remember me telling you last week, Bradley and I had plans of attending the Rockville Regatta this past weekend with friends on Saturday.  We loaded up six people, food, drinks, and a boat and headed out on the water to pick up a 7th about 9 AM.  We had about an hour and a half boat ride ahead of us, and low and behold, wouldn't you know, we encountered boat trouble.  The motor would plateau at about 4000 rpm, meaning our trip to the Regatta would take about 3 hours, and it could cause other issues along the way.  We tried changing out spark plugs and messing with a few switches, but it didn't work out in our favor. 

Since the boat was still running smoothly, other than the speed factor, we decided to head out to Morris Island for a little fun in the sun anyways.  It was a much closer ride than Rockville.  Much to our surprise, there were actually other people out there, despite the Regatta.  We had a blast jamming to our iPods, drinking, and chowing down on all the snacks we packed! 

{Dana, Jess, and I at the start of the day}

{A little shotgunning to start off the day after all the boat troubles}

{girls again}

{"The PIG" -fits him perfectly- JK}

{Gin Bucket was ALOT of fun!}

{The Hubby and I}

{We made some new friends...yes they are freshman in college!}

{Dean and Jess}

{A lil' hair braiding action}

{and tequila shootin'}

{Dean and Bradley}

{caught ya...}

{layin' out on Morris Island}

{Storm brewing in the background...didn't stop us!}

{Jess & Dana}

{Dana got stung by a jellyfish...}


{The current was mad crazy- I promise that isn't the motor running- the current was that bad!}

{couldn't resist...check out those DREADS!}

Even though I came home with a burnt back {forgot to re-apply sunscreen} and we didn't make it to the actual Regatta, I had a blast.  I made some new friends, got to hang out with some old ones, and couldn't have had a better Saturday even if we had planned it!  We even finished off the day with a seafood dinner at RB's on Shem Creek via boat.  I can't wait to head out on the water again soon :).

How was your weekend?!

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