Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Home: Living Room Edition

It's been awhile since I featured a room in our home, so I thought I would share with you our living room...the never ending project.

So here is the living room, Day 5 after move in:

And here is living room present day:

As you can see, some progress has been made but not much.  A few months after we moved into our townhouse, we purchased that pretty leather chair in the corner.  It's very comfy, and actually reclines.  It has become my husband's favorite spot in the house.

I am at a loss with ideas for this open space.  There is a ton of wall space, and I have no idea where to begin.  These are my dislikes of the space:
  • I love my furniture, but I need something to brighten up the space a little.  It's too dark.  Maybe through curtains or pillow covers or wall art.  The more I search around for ideas on the net, the more I wish I would have purchased lighter colored pieces.  I have a feeling all of this furniture will be in the man cave in our next home {side note: will have to make sure we get one of those :).}
  • I don't like the carpet.  I would much rather have hardwood floors.  Since we are renting, this is NOT a possibility, so I have contemplated a nice rug to go near the sectional.
  • I HATE...HATE...the cords coming from the outside of the home leading inside for the DirecTV connection.  Why it wasn't placed under the carpet I will never know.
And the likes:
  • I like the open space of the area.  There is plenty of room to maneuver and it isn't cramped.  
Wow!  My opinions are a little lopsided.  I really want to make this area nice, as it is where we spend the majority of our time at home.  This is our only living room, so I need to make it functional, yet a little formal at the same time.  I want it to flow with the other areas on the first floor of our home, which include the kitchen and dining room.  There is no real division between these spaces and they flow into each other.

So, with that said, I need your help.  BAD.  I need some ideas to brighten this area up and make it look "homey".  Send me any and all suggestions :)

P.S.  It's one week until my BIRTHDAY!

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Carly said...

I think a rug would add a quick pop of color to the space. I found some good inexpensive ones on urban and overstock. I think you're place is looking good!

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