Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday To-Do List

There are many things piling up on my to-do list these days. {Insert: Pity Party- close your eyes (ears) if you don't want to see (listen).} Sometimes, I wish I could just pay someone to take care of all the small details!  It's hard being a newlywed working out every morning, working an 8 hour day, and then going home to cook a healthy meal.  Where do I find the time to fit in all the small details, much less housework and grocery shopping?  And this is all without any kids yet!!  At the rate I'm going, I will have to retire before I even think of the pitter patter of little feet.  {sigh....}  So, I present to you my to-do list:
  1. Take bridal gown to be preserved. Yes, I know.  I should have done this months ago.  I even called to find a local place that would send my dress in to be preserved at a very reasonable price.  I just have to find the time to take it.  Not to mention, it is not on my route to and from work, and it sits on a busy highway.  I know...no excuses!
  2. Return unwanted items to TJMaxx. I purchased a few items about 2 weeks ago from this beloved store, and have yet found the time to return the unwanted ones.  I need to do this soon before my credit card billing cycle ends. {Side note: if you purchase A LOT from TJMaxx, Marshall's, Home Goods like I do, it is worth your while to get their credit card.  There is no annual fee, and they send you reward dollars to use in one of the 3 stores!}
  3. Paint finger nails. Who has the time to do this AND wait for them to dry?  Every time I think about painting my nails, it is right before bed time and I am waaayyy too tired to stay up for them to dry completely.  I hate it when you think they are dry, then you get in bed and the next morning you find sheet prints on your nails.  FAIL! 
  4. Finish outdoor table and chairs project.  I started this project about 3 weeks ago, and every weekend since I have had something else to do.  I ran out of spray paint twice, which was my fault, but now I have more paint and yet the unfinished product is still sitting on my back porch.  The chairs are complete, except for a few minor touch ups.  The table base is only half painted, and needs the most attention.  I really need to get going this weekend and finally finish it!  I know I will be thrilled with the results when I finally do.
  5. Find 2 curtain rods.  I purchased fabric weeks ago for my dining room curtains, and this weekend I picked up the final product from my aunt!  I am eager to put them up, but first I must buy the perfect curtain rod.  I also found four curtain panels for the guest bedroom at Marshall's (go figure).  I purchased a curtain rod to hang them, only to get home and find that it is too short.  I need a rod that is around 140-150 inches.  Anyone have any idea where I can find one this long?
  6. Get engagement ring cleaned. This needs to be number one on my list for this week.  My hubby purchased a life time warranty/insurance on my ring when he picked it out.  In order to keep the service, my ring has to be inspected and cleaned at least twice a year.  I have to get a piece of paper signed in January and July by the jeweler to prove that it has been inspected.  Only 5 days left to get this done...ooopss!
So, as you can see, I have quite the list...and that is only the beginning.  I could have let my pity party drag on some more, but decided to spare you all :).  My plan of attack is to take a task a day.

OK...realistically, maybe more like a task or two a week.  I will put to use my impeccable organization skills to master the plan and make sure that it is executed fully!

Do you have a long to-do list? What are your tips for ensuring you get everything done in a timely manner?

Happy Tuesday :)

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Julie said...

Hey there! I loved this post, I'm obsessed with to-do lists! I don't think I ever DON'T have a to-do list going. I always keep a notebook with me (usually small to fit in my purse), write the day at the top of the page, and then make little check boxes next to the task. Whenever I get it done, I check it off! I enjoyed looking around your blog, I'm a new follower : )


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