Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Since Charleston is in a deficit for average rain fail and it has been hot as HADES outside lately, I thought I would dedicate this post for things I am "thirsty" for!

I am thirsty for a fruity cocktail on this beach:


Jealousy is an ugly disease, but when your sister is {here} with this view...and you are stuck at work with this view:

's hard not to get a little jealous!  Don't you agree?! 

I am thirsty for this soft look in my living room:

{via Pinterest}

I have dark furniture like this and would love to lighten up the room a bit with floral curtains and some accent pieces.

I am thirsty to create this DIY project soon:

{via Pinterest}

There is limited space under our bathroom counter, and this would save A LOT of headache and rearranging!

I am thirsty for fall and this look:

{via Pinterest}

ok...minus the fried hair!

Isn't it a shame that when you were in college when you heard "Thirsty Thursday" all you were concerned about was the drink special of the night and getting all dolled up to go out?  My how the tables have turned {for me at least}. 

What are you thirsty for these days?

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