Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday Ya'll!

It's been one heck of a week, and I am so glad there is a 3 day weekend ahead!  I am definitely feeling the pains of the new class I attended yesterday...but all good of course :).

Lookie what I found in my garden last night.  So excited to take these home and share with my family!

Yesterday afternoon after work, I headed to the local fabric store and purchased some beautiful red fabric to take to my aunt this weekend.  She will be making ceiling to floor curtains for my new and updated dining room.  While I was browsing, I also found some awesome scrap fabric to play with that was on sale!  They had large bins lined along the racks with excess scrap fabric or returns for $4.00 a yard!  Next weekend, my friend Maureen and I are going to attempt to re-vamp the 1960's table that I recently moved to the screened in porch from my dining room.  First, we will spray paint that bad boy to cover up it's ugliness, then take off the seat cushions and re-cover them with a gray burlap material.  I purchased a yellow and white striped fabric to eventually make a few back pillows with as well.  I can't wait to update you with before, after, and during pictures after next weekend!

As for this weekend...the hubby and I plan to do a little of this...

 ...and maybe a little of that...

Clarks Hill Lake

WHERE ARE YOU 5:00???!  Weekend recap to come on Monday!  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend :)!

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