Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Baaacckkk!

Hi friends!  I am back from a five day vacay in the City of Brotherly Love.  My husband's family lives in the area, and we were able to spend some quality time with his brother, sister-in-law, nephews, and niece.  I got caught up in all the fun that I didn't take a ton of pictures, but I will share what I did.

We arrived in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, so the 4th was spent relaxing and going to dinner.  It has been over a year since we have seen his brother and family, so most of the day was consumed with catching up on lost time!

We took the opportunity to travel another hour to see Bradley's grandmother on Thursday, as well as one of his childhood friend's from the area.  We traveled around the city on I-95 to get there and I snapped a few pictures along the way!
Philly skyline

Ben Franklin Bridge

After a nice visit with his grandmother, we met Todd for lunch at Steve's.  Steve's is a local small chain that has amazing philly cheesesteaks!  
Cheesesteaks the original way!


I think we brought the South Carolina heat with us on our trip to Philly.  Friday's record highs topped 100.  To keep cool, we all took a trip down the Brandywine River on a tubing adventure.  The scenery was gorgeous and the water was nice and cool.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures because I didn't want my iPhone to take a dip in the water either!

After our trip down the Brandywine, we cleaned up for some fun at the ball park.  Bradley's brother got a few of his company's season tickets for the Phillies game!  I had never been to a game in Philly, and this was Bradley's first time at Citizen's Bank Park.

Citizen's Bank Park

Bradley and I with the Harry Kalas Statue

If you have never had their crab fries, you are missing out!

One of my favorites, Ryan Howard, came off the DL list just for us :)

Hot and sweaty, but still having a blast!

Phillie Phanatic- best mascot in the MLB

We were so worn out from Friday's activities that we laid around on Saturday and rested.  Bradley's niece and I painted our fingernails, and the boys played ball.

As sad as we were to say our goodbyes, we packed up and hit the road at 5 AM Sunday morning.  We had a great visit with family and friends, but boy were we excited to see the sign for our home state!
Home Sweet Home


Mrs. Franks said...

So glad you had a great time in Philly! I live about 20 minutes south of Philly, right over the Delaware line. Love going up there. There is so much to do! And we surely love our Phillies too! :)

Samantha said...

Looks like a fun vacation! I love the shirt you are wearing at the baseball game!!

Dana Gastelum said...

How fun!! You two are the cutest seriously! Glad you had a great trip! We need to get together soon! :)

Erin said...

Crab fries?! I need to experience this. How does it work?

Hilliary@Brunch and Cupcakes said...

Great pictures, So glad you had a great time!

Faith said...

Looks like such a great time! Love the pictures!!

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