Friday, May 25, 2012

I Must Confess

  • I am truly, truly sad that all of my TV shows had their season finales this week and last- Private Practice, Grey's, and Revenge.  What's a girl to do during the week now?  Of course they all ended with cliff hangers, so I am just that much more excited for next season!
  • You all are going to hate me for my good luck fortune, but I won another giveaway yesterday.  It wasn't in blog land, but my for my Barre class. The instructor decided to have a drawing at the end of this session for those who came to every class. I was one of three in the drawing, and my lucky number 2 won me the next session for FREE ($100 value). 
  • I made the Green Monster Spinach Smoothie for breakfast this morning and it was quite delicious.  I was nervous to try it, considering the combination of bananas, peanut butter, and spinach.  Contrary to my belief, it was delicious and I will be making more of these!

  • Even though I had Monday off work, this has been such a long week.  I did not ever think that we would get to Friday.  Thank goodness for another long weekend and time to spend with my family on the lake! 
  • Mother Nature will be on my bad side if this tropical storm decides to ruin my Memorial Day weekend plans.  STAY AWAY!
I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!  Stay out of trouble :)


Em-Jae said...

YUM -- green smoothies are my fave! I confess that they are pretty tasty ;]

Faith said...

Hope you have great weather this weekend!

I've been wanting to try green smoothies but haven't ... Will have to try it soon.

Have a great weekend!

Valerie Griffin said...

i'm so sad all my favorite shows are over for the summer too :(

Amanda said...

Hooray for you and winning!! How exciting :) that smoothie looks delicious! What kind of blender do you have?? I'm going to have to try one of those!! :) have a wonderful weekend. Xo

{Jessica} said...

So, I've been hearing some good things about Revenge, but haven't watched it. Is it a must see? Guess I need to catch up! And, what's this Barre thing? We have Pure Barre in the Atlanta area, and I know some people that do it. Is that what your classes are like too? What do you think about it? So curious!

Maury Kilgo said...

Yay for the free class, long weekend and that spinach smoothie (though I dont think I'll be trying it). I'm with you on the season finales! I'm already going through withdrawl, but Design Star starts tonight!

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