Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Surprise!

So I left you guys hanging a little last week with the plans I made for my hubby's birthday.  It's not because I don't trust you, I just really, really, really wanted to surprise him.  And I did.  It took a few white lies, but I think I got him good! So let me set the scene for you:

  • Saturday morning we woke up, and I cooked breakfast.  Then, I told the hubby we needed to leave the house by 12 PM.  I proceeded to pick out his clothing, and secretly pack an overnight bag.
  • On our way out of town, we stopped to eat lunch and then headed up the interstate towards Columbia.  I asked him if he knew where we were going, and this was his reply, "We are headed to Columbia on a Saturday afternoon and the only thing to do is go to a Carolina baseball game."
  • Although this was exactly what I had planned for his birthday surprise, I didn't want him to know that easy.  So, I made up a little white lie and told him we were actually going to Columbia to meet his mom and step dad for dinner.
  • To say he was upset with me is an understatement.  Don't get me wrong, he loves his mom and all, but he was missing coaching a double header on Saturday for this "surprise".  Now, here is where the tricky part comes in play.  I had invited our friends Kevin and Caroline to go with us to t he game and I somehow had to add them into the mix without being obvious.
  • So when he asked why we were going to Columbia so early in the day when we weren't meeting his mom until dinner, I found the perfect opportunity.  I told him that I knew he would be upset, so I was going to take him by to see Kevin and Caroline and maybe even invite them for dinner with us.  This seemed to ease the tension a little!
  • When we got to Kevin and Caroline's, Bradley also decided he wanted to go buy a new phone at Verizon on our way to meeting his mom for dinner.  Score!  I knew Kevin had to give me directions to the field, so we played along and Bradley thought Kevin was directed me to a "quick" Verizon store in West Columbia.
  • When we pulled up to the new baseball field, his eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning!  Little did he know that the tickets we were about to pick up from will call were courtesy of the Back to Back National Championship coach himself, Ray Tanner. 
Kevin and Bradley with the 4 tickets!

The infamous trophy display.

Proud to be a South Carolinian, American, and most importantly a Carolina Gamecock fan!


Our awesome "reserved" seats

Go Gamecocks!

Kevin & Caroline

Best friends!

Gamecocks win!

It was a great day! I was able to surprise him, Gamecocks won, and I had one happy hubby!


Erin said...

Aww, how fun! I LOVE love love surprising people for bdays, looks like yours turned our perfectly! :) You two are such a cute couple!!!

Carly said...

Aww that's a fun surprise!

Glad y'all had a great time!

New Life said...

I love everything about this post! GO COCKS!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Such a fun surprise! Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating! I am terrible at surprises, my face always gives everything away!

Valerie Griffin said...

great pics!

Laurie @ said...

Sounds like SO much fun!I love birthdays.. today is actually mine!

Kristin said...

what a nice wifey!!

Denise said...

Best wifey ever!!

Denise said...

Best wifey ever!!

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