Friday, February 24, 2012

These Are My Confessions

Confessions...everyone has them.  Why not share?
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(1)  Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am addicted to Words With Friends.  I never thought in a million years that I would be so attracted to a game on my phone.  I was always making fun of "those" people who were constantly on their wireless devices.  Now, I am that person!  Is there a weekly meeting for this type of addiction? I may need to attend.

(2)  I have been a really bad blogger this week.  Monday was a holiday and I laid around all day in my excuse.  Wednesday was ridiculously busy at work.  And Thursday...hmmm...can't think of a good reason.  Just plain lazy I guess!  I promise to do better next week and have some interesting posts for all of my devoted readers.

(3)  Because of confession #1, the housework I had planned to accomplish this week got put on the back burner {along with laundry, cooking, and a multitude of other "wifely" chores}.  We still had clean clothes and leftovers to feed our hungry bellies, so I can justify my addiction and laziness.  For a little while at least :).

(4)  My hubby's birthday is in 2 weeks and I still have no clue what to get him, and our first wedding anniversary is coming up in March as well.  YIKES!  I really need to kick my butt in gear and start brainstorming some ideas.  Suggestions are always welcome.  I don't want to be labeled as the forgetful and not thoughtful wife just one year into the marriage!

(5)  As a twenty-something year old, I am still afraid of the dark.  Like deathly afraid.  I had to stay by myself a few days last week while the hubby was out of town and I kept a bat and a knife at my bed side (along with the security alarm I set as soon as I got home from work).  Call me crazy, but this girl wasn't going down without a fight if someone decided to intrude!

(6)  I'm pretty sure I ate twice my weight in chocolate this week.  Between Valentine's candy from the hubs and the M & M dispenser at work, it's just too hard to resist!  What can I say?  I love it.  I think my workout motto is to push myself harder so I can have that one extra piece of chocolate!

(7)  As sad as this is to admit, I really wanted a winter this year.  South Carolina didn't even come close to hitting low temperatures.  I don't think I pulled out my heavy jacket once this season, and now I'm afraid it has abruptly come to an end.  Yesterday's high was 77 and today's is 79.  Darn you global warming!!!

(8)  But, as upset as I am about not having a winter, I am thrilled about the bright colors of spring.  I decided to show February what spring is really made of with my first color blocking attempt of the season.  Success, I think so :).  Hot pink and turquoise may just be my new favorite pair.  Throw in some dark skinnies and you have yourself a perfect spring outfit!
Happy Weekend loves!


Christina said...

Um, yeah, we have had no Winter. Okay like one cold day or something? I just opened my shorts drawer by accident yesterday and got SO excited. I did kind of want a litttttttle bit of colder weather though. Weird! Also, I have a running bracelet that says "I run for more cookies." :)

Denise said...

Winter has been so crazy everywhere this year! I'm pretty addicted to words with friends too. We should probably play together :)

miki said...

Husband shopping is hard! For Jared I usually try to keep a page in a notebook (I always have one in my purse) and write down whenever he says he wants something. So I have a go to list when it's time for presents. He is so hard to shop for because he doesn't wear cologne, he is SO picky with clothes, and doesn't wear accessories like watches. With girls it's like jewelry, clothes, a card, or anything and we're stoked!

Emily said...

my go-to gifts are usually concert tickets, but last christmas my boyfriend got me a membership in the cheese of the month club! (not too nerdy, right?) you should look into monthly clubs, my friend just got her boyfriend bacon of the month club!

lori said...

i was addicted to words with friends, too. so much so that i had to delete it off of my phone.

as for suggestions for ideas... what about a nice watch? or good sunglasses? idk what your mr. is like, but those have been favorite gifts of mine... or for the anniversary you could go sentimental with a wedding picture and your first dance lyrics or something? etsy and pinterest have a ton of ideas!

i like your color blocking... im personally not a fan of the pink+ red... but i LOVE pink+ turquoise.

Alyssa said...

I'm scared of the dark too!! And I'm also in my twenties. I'd like to say it's gotten better as I've gotten older but I don't know if sleeping with a flashlight by bed counts as "getting better."

Courtney said...

I am totally scared of the dark too! I just found you on the link up, and your blog is adorable!!

Lauren said...

Ha, I do the EXACT same thing when my hubby is out of town. He was gone for a week recently and I slept with a baseball bat next to my bed. Seriously, I'm such a baby!! For our first anniversary, I got him tickets to a concert (Brooks and Dunn). Does he drink beer? A friend of mine got her hubby a membership to a beer of the month club and they send him new beers to try each month. He loves it!

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