Tuesday, November 22, 2011


{Today I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in the cabinets, and cold water to drink. This time of year is especially hard for so many families, and I am blessed beyond belief for the material goods in my life.  Take time today to pray for someone in need, and help them out if you can!}

Well, they are married!  Kevin and Caroline successfully tied the knot and are now off to Jamaica to celebrate!  She made a beautiful bride, and you can tell by the look in his eye he adores her dearly.
{Beautiful church}


{l to r: Bradley, groom, bride, and myself.  Love this one!}

{Groom's Cake...GO GAMECOCKS}


{This was the neatest idea.  It was their guest book!}

{our messages}

{Jeremy & Laci}

{posing in front of the getaway car}

{Their getaway car!}

{typical :)}

{Me and the groom}

{Laci and the groom}


{Marketing/Management buddies from college}

{love her}

{this speaks for itself!}

{true love! bahahaha}

{much better}
Bradley and I couldn't ask for a better couple to be our friends! These two were made for us :)! 
Here's to a lifetime of friendship and happy ever after!

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