Thursday, August 4, 2011


Meet my sweet grandmother:

{Hazel Dukes Creswell}
She is my sunshine, the reason I am who I am today, and the center of my family's heart.

In April of this year, my grandmother became ill.  We didn't know if she would be able to climb back from "fall" she took.  For the past 4 months my grandmother has been in and out of hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.  It has been hard on everyone to see her struggle and even more, that she has not been able to go back to her home that she loves so dearly.  The places she has been have been nearly two hours away from our family and each week we would take turns going to visit with her.  

Today is a good day, my friends.  Today is the day that my grandmother is being transported to the local nursing home in my hometown.  We have literally prayed for and waited MONTHS for this day.  It may not be the four walls of her home, but it is in those county limits of our town and close to our family.  My mom is ecstatic because once again, she has the opportunity to see her mother everyday just like before!

This lady will turn the big 9-0 next month!  
{I know, she doesn't look a day over 70}
She brings light to every room she enters, always knows the right words to say, and is the strongest, most independent woman I know!

{Nanny playing Charades- Christmas 2010}
If you have a minute, please say a prayer for my grandmother that she continues to gain her strength back, has the will power to get out of bed each day, and that maybe one day she will have the chance to live in the four walls of her home again.

I am thankful for this woman, her belief in the God, and all the things she has taught me.

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