Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Football Kickoff Party Time!

Last night, Bradley and I decided to host a get together at our house this Saturday for the kick-off of college football {mainly to cheer on our GAMECOCKS}!  Immediately, I started planning the menu.  There will only be about 6 of us total, but I want to be sure we have plenty of food to snack on.  On the other hand, my husband was more concerned about bringing another TV downstairs and hooking it up so another game could be watched at the same time...priorities huh? {surprise, surprise}!

This is the first time as a married couple that we will have 6 people in our home for a get together at once.  I am excited and nervous all at once, planning all of the details and working extra hard this week to make sure the house is clean spotless!

So...back to my menu.  Here's what I've got planned so far:

What else would you add?  Should I make some sweets?  

I can't wait to use my Gamecock platters, bowls, plates, etc. that we received :).

Any other tips or tricks I should know before throwing my first house party?!


Carly said...

I can't wait to start having some football parties! All of those recipes sound great!

sarah said...

I think sweets are a definite yes! If you want to save time then do something easy like brownies. My bestie does brownies with crushed twix on top drizzled with caramel (all after the brownies are out of the oven). yum!

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