Tuesday, August 2, 2011

and the countdown begins...

to my birthday!

{via Pinterest}
That's right my friends.  It is exactly one month until I turn another year older! You would think that the older I get, the less I would like my birthday.  I think it is just the opposite.  I love that my birthday is in September, and that it is near a holiday so I usually get a day off work.  It is the start of college football season (GO GAMECOCKS!), and it is still warm enough to enjoy the water but not too hot that you can't sit outside for longer than 5 minutes.  So to kick off the month long countdown (my husband just loves this), I present to you my wish list for my birthday this year:

A new Carolina garden flag for our front entryway
Our little summer flag has about had it!

A new make up bag and matching hanging zip bag for toiletries
 I need something a little more convenient for the 5 mornings
a week that I get ready in our gym locker rooms at work!
A new scent for the fall
I am almost out of my Ed Hardy and would like some
suggestions for a new fragrance :).
 More activewear for all those morning workouts
Specifically more sports bras and yoga capris.  I am lacking in 
these areas.  I like these sports bras from Target and I actually like 
the Danskin Now yoga pants that I purchased from Wal Mart
last month, but I can't seem to find a link to them.

An e-reader
Which do you like better- the Kindle or the Nook?  I
haven't really researched the benefits of either.
A pair of aviators
I know I am behind the game on this, but I would
like a nice pair of designer aviators.  They never
go out of style!

Gift Cards or Money
Who would turn these down?  I still have a looonnng
list of "I Wanna's" for the house, such as curtains,
curtain rods, pillows, lamps, wall decor/art...the list goes
on and on!

It's funny how your wish list changes over the years.  I remember as a kid looking through the toys catalog and Limited Too magazine in search of the gifts that I just HAD to have!  Now a days it consists of boring adult items, or so I would have thought back then. 

What was your favorite birthday growing up and what was the BEST birthday gift you ever received??!


Carly said...

LOVE aviators! Happy Early Birthday!!

Mo said...

Kindle! And they are starting to make it so you can share books with other Kindle users-like me :)

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